Central Pennsylvania's Spring Creek

I have probably logged as many hours Fly Fishing on Spring Creek than many of the other streams in the area combined. There are many reasons to want to spend a lot of time fishing Spring Creek with the biggest two being an abundance of Wild Brown Trout and terrific hatches. In addition, nearly all of Spring Creek is easy to wade and access points are abundant. Spring Creek can be crowded in the Spring and Summer but I have never been in a situation where I felt crowded and couldn't find a place to throw line. Another reason I spend a lot of time on Spring Creek is that there are a lot of things for my wife to do in State College and Bellefonte, which turns a day with the wife into a day on the water. The natural surroundings of Spring Creek vary from the serene beauty of the Benner Springs section to the laidback residential feel of "The Paradise" section. Most trout in Spring Creek have probably seen a lot of fishing pressure and are sometimes difficult to catch, but they do feed heavily and with the right presentation can be caught. The PFBC has placed special regulations on Spring Creek to ensure wild trout preservation. Click here to be taken to The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commisions explanation.

Hatch Information: Spring Creek has been rebounding remarkably from a bout with upstream polluters in the 70's. It doesn't have the variety of hatches of the "Little J" or "Penn's" but the hatches it does have are coming back in great numbers. Caddis hatches are tremendous and should be a focus for anyone fishing Spring Creek. A highlight for many are the early Spring Baetis (BWO) hatches. They usually begin in mid March and provide the first significant opportunity to fish drys in the region; Making Spring Creek an early season hot spot. The Sulphur hatches are also a big draw for many anglers. They are dense and can last upwards of a month. As Spring draws near and Summer approaches Crane Flys can bring success. The temperature of Spring Creek stays cooler than many other fisheries in the region, combine this with it's great Summer Trico hatches and you have a recipe for unmatched Summer fly fishing opportunities. There are many other opportunities for hatch matching as well as nymphing for Spring Creek. The timing of hatches depends on many variables and can be very different from year to year. If you are making plans to come to the area for a certain hatch I recommend checking Fishing Reports. Check out Central PA Fly Fishing's Hatch Chart!

Stream Conditions: Although Spring Creek is less succeptable to heavy Spring rains than other creeks it too has its limitations. A height of 3.25 feet and a flow rate of 340 will be pushing the upper boundaries of what is fishable. These kind of conditions will force you to look for pocket waters if fishing drys and water visibility will be slim. During a typical Summer the height will hover around 2.0 feet plus or minus a few inches and the flow rate will be in the 40 - 60 range. At these conditions Spring is very fishable. My preference is around 2.50 feet and a flow of 100-150. Click on Stream Conditions to check the current levels. You can also call the USGS hotline 24 hours a day: 1-888-881-7555.

Fishing Reports: See what's happening on the water or post your own report.

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