Central Pennsylvania's Bald Eagle Creek

There are two different Bald Eagle Creek's that begin within a mile of each other. The smaller of the two flows South and enters the Little Juniata River in Tyrone. The other flows North is nearly forty miles long where it feeds Sayers Dam at Bald Eagle State Park and eventually dumps into the West Branch of the Susquehanna near Lock Haven. Both creeks parallel Route 220 and the Northern flowing creek has a lot of access points. They are freestone streams that are heavily stocked by the PFBC, local sportsman's groups and private parties. All sections will recieve extremely heavy fishing pressure from opening day to a few weeks after. There is an annual fishing derby held around the third week of April with tagged stock Trout in Port Matilda, which brings huge crowds and fishing is elbow to elbow. Bald Eagle has no special regulations and a high percentage of it's anglers take home five trout if they get the opportunity. Both are beautiful stretches of water and well worth fishing when conditions are right. I will fish Bald Eagle in May when hatches are bringing trout to the surface. Given the nature of the put in - take out philosophy of Bald Eagle it is difficult to justify fishing blind when few trout may be left in the creek. Fly fisherman often concentrate on the waters after its confluence with Spring Creek. Bald Eagle is a freestone that will warm quickly; Spring Creek provides it with a much needed shot of cool fertile limestone water in the town of Milesburg. This stretch has a much wider array of hatches and are more dense than earlier sections. This section still recieves pressure from put and take fisherman but far less than earlier stretches. Wild Browns as well as stocked trout can be found here.

Hatch Information: Bald Eagle has a decent variety of hatches that will bring trout to the surface but the density will be less than comparable limestone streams in the area. The Green Drake hatch typically begins to show on Bald Eagle immediately after Penn's Creek in early June and usually brings with it large numbers of anglers. Be sure to check out the Central PA Fly Fishing Hatch Chart!

Stream Conditions: Bald Eagle South is measured near its confluence with the Little Juniata near Tyrone. This stretch will be getting difficult to fish as the flow approaches 160 cubic feet per second. Water levels will lower quickly as Spring rains slow and warmer temeratures and decreased oxygen levels will follow quickly requiring you to fish deep pockets and riffles in these conditions.

Water levels on Bald Eagle North are only measured at Beech Creek which is located downstream of Sayers Dam in Howard. This offers little help in determining water level or flow in the middle stretch. A best guess woud require you to refer to Spring Creek values; If it is running at all higher than normal there is a good chance Bald Eagle is blown out and if Spring is at low levels Bald Eagle will be fish able but you may want to focus your efforts downstream of the Spring Creek confluence to ensure that cool oxygenated water is present. If you have your heart set on fishing this stretch your best bet is to talk with the guys at the featured fly shop.

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Bald Eagle Northern Flow

Bald Eagle Southern Flow

Featured Fly Shop: State College is relatively close to the Northern Section where you can find the following fly shops.

FlyFisher's Paradise - 814-234-4189

TCO State College - 814-689-3654

If fishing the Southern Flow the closest fly shop would be located in the town of Spruce Creek about 10 miles away.

Spruce Creek Outfitters - 814-632-3071




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